Project brief

SM Smart Energy, the energy division of SM Group, was tasked with designing, planning and installing EV chargers in major railway hubs and stations across the UK.

Our brief was to:

  • Install high-efficiency chargers
  • Ensure compatibility with existing electrical infrastructure
  • Carry out comprehensive testing and quality assurance
  • Integrate the technology with renewable energy sources where possible to further reduce environmental impact
  • Train station staff on the use and maintenance of the EV chargers.

Our work

SM Smart Energy began by conducting detailed assessments of each site to design bespoke solutions that would meet the unique requirements of each station. We decided upon a phased approach to the installations to allow a continuity of service with minimal disruption at all sites.

The chosen technology needed to meet the demand of busy public places so we included advanced EV charging units capable of fast charging and smart monitoring systems for real-time usage data and maintenance alerts.

hybrid car


To achieve infrastructure compatibility and a seamless integration of the EV chargers, tailored solutions were required to accommodate the different electrical needs of each station. SM Smart Energy’s detailed surveys of each site allowed us to design bespoke solutions and plan each station both independently and as part of the overall infrastructure.

Railway stations have a high footfall so minimising disruption to rail users and workers was a key challenge. The phased installation that we implemented, using our expertise in meticulous planning and managing large-scale infrastructure projects, enabled us to implement proactive and effective solutions.

Keeping pace with developments in technology consistently presents challenges in the EV industry. Futureproofing the National Rail EV charger installations was essential, so we chose 22kw Compleo chargers that could be easily upgraded and therefore keep pace with changes in EV technology.

Outcomes and benefits for the client

Access to the expertise of the SM Smart Energy design team resulted in bespoke, meticulously planned installations for AmcoGiffen and National Rail across multiple sites. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction guaranteed that each installation was executed flawlessly.
The availability and convenience of EV chargers at railway stations has improved the customer experience of commuters. The installations also reinforce National Rail’s commitment to green initiatives and the reduction of carbon emissions. This proactive approach to environmental responsibility enhances brand perception at both a corporate and public level.
Throughout this transformative project we communicated clearly with all stakeholders and kept to agreed timescales. Close collaboration with AmcoGiffen, and thorough training programs for station staff, ensured a smooth transition to the new systems.

Client satisfaction

The successful achievement of this project’s objectives was the result of a strong collaboration aimed at driving sustainability across public transport infrastructure. It underscores the commitment of SM Smart Energy, AmcoGiffen and National Rail to creating a greener future.

“Working with SM Smart Energy has been a seamless experience. Their expertise in EV charging solutions and their commitment to sustainability align perfectly with our goals. The new chargers have been well received by our customers and have positioned us as leaders in promoting eco-friendly travel options.”

Project Manager, AmcoGiffen

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